English Pronunciation: Liaisons, contractions and sounds that change

These words sound very different from what you'll see in your English textbook!

Listen to these words and some example sentences.

Want to           Wanna

Going to          Gonna

Got to              Godda

Get out of       Gedoudda

Sometimes you'll learn a word in your English class or see a word in your text book, then when you hear native speakers use it in a conversation it sounds completely different.

When native speakers of English join the end of one word with the beginning of another word, it's called a  liaison. You may also have heard the term "linking words."For example. When you hear "what are", the from what and the a from are come together and it sounds like wadar.

We also sometimes take two words and shorten them into one word. An example of this is taking "going to" and turning it into "gonna".  This is called a contraction.

Here a few more liaisons, contractions and words that change their pronunciation that you can practice in the English Listening Boot Camp Course. 

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